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The school strives for excellence not only in the field of education but also indiscipline. The philosophy of Mount Berry Inter College, Gorakhpur is to enrich India with future citizens, true human beings who are perfect to keep pace with the fast changing world and at the same time are committed to the service of God and nation and are dedicated to their duty. Believing that a healthy body houses a healthy mind,the school takes utmost care towards cleanliness, hygiene and physical fitness of the children. Various indoor and outdoor games and sports, picnics and inter-house activities form an integral part of the school curriculum.

The history of Mount Berry College is one of growth in service as well as scholarship. The National impact of this college is to maintain the standards of schoolship that characrterize foremost institutions in the nation.

Constructing an environment entrenched in a spirit of patriotism, we aspire to create well rounded individuals capable of critical and creative thinking empowering students to become compassionate, responsible and independent citizen, who have the potential to be a transformative force in the global community.

Some of the meritorious students have also made mark for themselves overseas. Presently many students of Mount Berry who turned out to be engineers, doctor and civil services are working for the betterment of our nation. The college believes in imparting quality education to Mount Berrians and also, instilling in them the pride for nation and moral values. Mount Berrians are prepared to enquire, learn and take up the rigours of life, in their stride. They are also groomed to contribute as responsible global citizens.

The Purpose of the Center is to stimulate and coordinate the institutional resources of the College and to challenge faculties and students, who have serious educational interests and genuine social concerns, to the kind of involvement that is academically relevant and socially committed.

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